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This post is also available in: English (Engelska)

This is my own developed workout program which aims to help you build the X-shape, this time with extra focus on the BOOTY.

While the program involves and exercises the whole body, we have added extra focus and effort to developing your butt! How does the muscles in the butt work? What should be your primary focus for building muscles and what exercises are best for finding contact? You’ll find all the answers here!

The X-Shape program features in depth explanations about my view on working out and why the X-shape is right for me – as well as you! The program contains a written presentation with my thoughts about overall performance, sets/reps, muscle groups distribution, workout schedules and much more. 

It is then followed by an 8-week workout plan which is designed to fully challenge yourself to become stronger and healthier with increased strength and stamina – and that well-shaped-booty!

8 weeks – 56 days and 43 workouts.

60 specifically handpicked exercises will be available with video guides from my Youtube-channel! Most exercises are free weight-based around barbells, dumbbells and cables; with some machine-based exercises as well. This program offers no suggestions for alternatives as I truly believe you will both benefit from and love the ones I have chosen. 

This program is based around a well-equipped gym (like our very own locations) and is something that you will need! Are you a beginner? This setup works for everyone but remember to really focus on technique and execution if you ever find yourself uncertain!”

The X-shape comes in a PDF format and can be saved and used repeatedly. The program is arranged with 4 workouts followed by 1 rest day. You can always add more rest days if you wish, however that will of course extend the program beyond 8 weeks. 

I developed the X-shape BOOTYEDITION as a way forward for everyone that wants to improve themselves and reach a stronger and healthier lifestyle with some added voluptuousness to one of our favourite body parts – the booty!