Gymmet Gustavsberg

We are proud to announce that we are opening our doors at Odelbergsväg 1 in February 2024 to offer Gustavsberg a unique training experience. Our facility with a total of 1200 square meters will give you plenty of space to train, develop and feel good.

Whether you prefer to train early in the morning or late at night, we are here to meet your training needs. Open 04-24, every day of the year!

We invest in offering the very best for our members. The gym will offer, among other things, two lunges and our equipment will be from the most respected brands, including Eleiko, Star Trac (known for their extra cushioning treadmills), Nautilus and the Booty Builders rump range. With such tools, you can be sure that your training will be both effective and fun!

We will help you!

We welcome all new members at Gymmet Gustavsberg with benefits that make your training start smooth and rewarding:

- Free introduction and review
- Diet and exercise plan via the xshapes app

During your first month as a member with us, we offer free advice and help with training and nutrition. We believe in holistic health and want to support you on the way to your health goals.

Gym Gustavsberg is not just a training room; it's a community of people who share your interest in fitness and health.

Company benefits

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