Gymmet stockholm

Gymmet Stockholm is a spacious training facility of 1,300 square meters that offers a variety of training options for all levels. We are open 04-24 every day, all year round!

The changing rooms are equipped with showers and lockable lockers to store your belongings during training. The men's changing room has a sauna .

On the gym area you will find a wide range of strength training machines from reputable brands. To provide maximum variety, the machinery fleet has been handpicked from various manufacturers. There is also a lunge, three cable stations with associated cross pulls and pull handles, as well as a dumbbell surface that stretches up to 70 kg. Smith machines and kettlebells are also available.

Gymmet Stockholm also offers free-weight areas with the opportunity to practice powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, strongman and similar activities. The free weight equipment comes from the world-leading brand Eleiko and includes competition-approved lifting racks, power racks, half racks, competition-approved bars for both powerlifting and weightlifting, technical bars and weights. There are also different types of bars here, for example Hex bar and Safety squat bar, as well as a lunge in turf, sled, tire roller, battleropes, airbikes, stake machines, rowers, kettlebells, log press, farmers walk, boxing and much more.

For those who want to train their fitness, there is a separate cardio area with various options to choose from, such as treadmills, stair machines, cross trainers, regular bikes and spinning bikes.