Gymmet Uppsala

Gymmet Uppsala is an impressive facility that extends over 1,500 square meters, which in summer offers an outdoor gym of approximately 500 square meters . The gym is open 04-24, every day of the year!

To create a comfortable and complete experience, the gym has free parking and changing rooms with showers and lockers. There are also separate saunas for both ladies and gentlemen.

The gym area accommodates a wide range of training options. The strength training machines come from world-leading brands and are carefully selected from different manufacturers to offer a versatile range.

There is also a free weight area where members can practice powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, strongman and much more. Here you will find free weight equipment from world-leading Eleiko. It includes competition-approved lifting racks, power racks, competition-approved bars for both powerlifting and weightlifting, technique bars and weights. In addition, there are various special bars such as Hex bar and Safety squat bar.

To vary the training, opportunities such as lunges, turf, sled, tire roller, climbing rope, battleropes, rings, airbikes, rowing machines, stake machines, kettlebells and much more are also offered. For those interested in strongman training, there is also specific equipment such as log press, farmers walk, sledgehammers, lifting yoke and heavy balls. For those who prefer boxing, there are regular long sacks and pear balls to train with.

The gym also has a dedicated cardio area with a range of cardio machines. It includes treadmills, stair machines, two different types of cross trainers, regular bikes and spinning bikes.

As an added advantage, the gym also has a fully equipped outdoor gym with strength machines and free weight equipment. This gives members the opportunity to exercise outdoors and enjoy fresh air while meeting their fitness goals.