Gymmet Sundbyberg

Gymmet Sundbyberg is a facility with an area of ​​850 square meters. The gym is open 04-24, every day all year round!.

Here there are changing rooms with showers and lockable lockers as well as a sauna for both ladies and gents. In addition, there is a shop where members can buy clothes and nutritional supplements. A nice lounge area with microwave and fridge also offers the possibility to buy drinks and bars.

The gym area is equipped with strength training machines from world-leading brands. The machine park is carefully selected from different manufacturers to offer members as wide a range as possible. Here there is, among other things, an exit passage, a tire roller and three different cable stations with associated cross pulls and a varied range of pull handles. You can also use smith machines and kettlebells to vary your training.

On the free weight surface, you have the opportunity to practice both powerlifting and weightlifting. Here you can find free weight equipment from world-leading Eleiko, including competition-approved lifting racks, power racks, competition-approved bars for both powerlifting and weightlifting, technical bars and weights. You can experiment with different types of bars, such as hex bar and safety squat bar. In addition, there is access to air bikes, rowing machines, rowing machines, kettlebells and much more to vary your training even more.

For those who prefer cardiovascular training, there is a special cardio area with treadmills, stair machines, cross trainers and ordinary bicycles at Gymmet Sundbyberg. Here you can choose from different machines to improve your fitness and health.

The Sundbyberg gym offers a complete training experience with extensive facilities and varied equipment for all training needs.