Personal trainers

This page is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need about our PT services. Here you will find contact details for our trainers as well as detailed information about their areas of expertise and experience.

Gym Stockholm

Kenny ´Strävan´ Dahlström

  • Licensed personal trainer
  • Weight Training
  • Dietary advice

Focus basic exercises & free weights.


Gym Stockholm

Farid Ahmadi

  • Licensed personal trainer
  • Nutritional advisor

Focus on a healthy diet combined with strength training, basic exercises and free weights.

Gym Stockholm

Nando Menjura

  • Sports science professional
  • Personal trainer and nutritional advisor
  • Dancer and choreographer
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Founder of "Con duro challenge"

Instagram: @nandomenjura

Phone: 0730416415

Gym Stockholm

Niklas Wadman

  • Lic. Personal trainer
  • Diet advisor/ Health coach
  • Works with overall solutions.
  • Online coaching: available 24/7.

As a personal trainer, I always start from the individual's needs, conditions and goals. The training is based on the functional strength training with basic exercises as a basis, this together with a large dose of knowledge in anatomy, biomechanics and technique - all to minimize the risk of injury and make the results more efficient.

Contact details:
Phone: 076 813 38 09

Instagram: @Niklaswadman

Gym Sundbyberg

Franklin Silva Santos

  • Lic. Personal Trainer - SAFE education
  • Kinesiologist - Swedish School of Kinesiology
  • Master of chiropractic - Ackermann Institute
  • Dietary advisor – Swedish Health
  • Massage therapist / Medical massage / Health massage

Phone: 0762377877

Gym Sundbyberg


(English speaking)

  • Personal trainer
  • Dorian Yates HIT Master Trainer
  • Online coaching
  • Motivation and mental well being

Phone: 073-9045567


Gym Västerås

Richard Andersson Wigh

  • Swedish champion in Classic physique & Classic bodybuilding 2022
  • Former handball player for 14 years.
  • Team leader for TEAM RAW Coaching
  • Cert. Personal trainer (Level 3 & 4)
  • Diploma of sports development
  • Lic. Nutritional advisor

Instagram: Rickardaw