The start of the GYMMET

Gymmet Kiruna

Fredrik Gunnelbrand and Anna Stålnacke come from Kiruna and that's where the first gym opened its doors in 2002. Gymmet Kiruna has since changed premises twice and is today almost 6 times its original size.

Gymmet Kiruna is getting a sibling

Gymmet Luleå

Gymmet expands and opens Gymmet Luleå in 2013. Gymmet Luleå is still in the same premises but has received a lot of upgrades since then.

The gym establishes itself in the "south"

Gymmet Stockholm

Gymmet Stockholm will be the first Gymmet facility to open far "from home". We got off to a great start and the facility has undergone several expansions over the years to accommodate more and more members.

a stone's throw north

Gymmet Uppsala

Gymmet Uppsala opened its doors in 2017. This gym was the first to also offer an outdoor gym!

on to the cucumber town

Gymmet Västerås

Gymmet Västerås opened its doors on a warm day in May 2018. At the time, this was the Gymmet's largest facility by surface area with its 1550 square meters.

Gymmet Stockholm's little sister

Gymmet Sundbyberg

In the middle of the pandemic, Gymmet Sundbyberg was inaugurated as the maximum number of visitors at the facility at the same time could not exceed 50 people. At the moment, the room is filled with lots of exercise-happy visitors and we are happy to avoid the maximum limit.

We head west

Gymmet Örebro

Gymmet Örebro gym opened its doors in November 2021 and became our first gym with padel courts. Gymmet Örebro is today our largest facility with its 2100 square meters!

we head "home" again

Gymmet Boden

Gymmet Boden gym was inaugurated in April 2022. Boden follows Uppsala's footsteps and offers an outdoor gym!

the neighboring municipality to where it all started

Gymmet Gällivare

Gymmet Gällivare gym is our latest addition, an open and airy facility that fills its 1,800 square meters with both gym and padel surfaces.

Stockholms 3:e skatt

Gymmet Gustavsberg

I februari 2024 förvandlades den gamla porslinsfabriken i Gustavsberg till Gymmet Gustavsberg. Den öppna och ljusa lokalen på 1200kvm andas verkligen "Gymmet".